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Was the accident your fault? What is the first step? After making sure all parties involved are ok, notify the police. Then contact your insurance company to let them know you were in an accident so they can start the claim process. You can let them know you are taking the car to Jake's Collision Repair for a free estimate. Jake's will take it from there! Was the accident not your fault? What is the first step? Once again, please make sure all parties involved are okay and once again notify the police. When you call your insurance company to tell them you were in an accident - let them know it was NOT your fault and that you are going to pursue the other party's insurance rather than going through your insurance. By following these steps you will not have to pay on your deductible. Then contact the insurance company of the other party that hit you so you can start the claim process. Let the other party's insurance company know you are taking the vehicle to Jake's Collision Repair in Sturgis, SD and then bring the car to Jake's for a free estimate. (We can help arrange transportation if it cannot be driven.) Jake's will take care of the rest from there! In this day of technology most insurance companies will forward an electronic assignment to Jake's Collision Repair so we can communicate your estimate directly to them. We work with most insurance providers to facilitate claim submissions and approvals. Many of those companies in our area are preferred providers that can offer direct repair and instant approval which can speed up this process. Contact us to make sure your company qualifies.



2416 Junction Ave.
Sturgis, SD 57785
Phone: (605) 641-5701

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Get in touch with us today to request an estimate! We provide fast, accurate estimates when you bring the vehicle to our Sturgis location at 2416 Junction Ave or We can drive out to you if your vehicle has been disabled!